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Adina Barugolo was born in Port Alberni in 1966 and from a very young age she discovered and recognized her passion for the arts.

Upon her graduation Adina moved to Venice, Italy where she continued her art education. Adina attended a variety of art workshops and private fine art studios. She collaborated with prominent and influential Italian artists. Her love of classic architecture and antique Venetian locations is expressed vividly in her work.

Upon returning to her native Vancouver Island Adina studied art and design at Vancouver Island University .

Most recently Adina’s re-connection to Vancouver Island and her home town has contributed to her personal growth as an artist. Her desire to create landscapes and memories of places and locations is expressed vividly in her most recent works. Adina has always drawn inspiration from other artist, her natural surroundings and Venetian Arichitecture. She works in acrylic and watercolour, charcoal and pencil and finds fulfillment in applying her imagination and creativity to a variety of subject matter. Adina strives to inspire others and to communicate with others how she visually perceives her art world, her inspirations and her life’s journey.

Last Updated on: 2023-05-28