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Artist Statement

There are many things in my life that inspire me and that fuel my soul as an artist.

I paint in acrylic, watercolour, chalk pastel and mixed media.

I am a self taught artist. From a very young age I began drawing, sketching, painting and doing anything creative. I have honed my skills through the years and have grown as an artist.

I have had the incredible fortune of living in my home town of Qualicum Beach and then living in Venice Italy for 20 years. These experiences ignited my passion for the arts.

My moments lived in Canada are reflected in my paintings of local landscapes and surroundings are depicted in west coast themes, characteristic cabins and oceans, mountains and trees. Boats are often the focal point of my paintings.

The memories of years lived in Venice, Italy and surrounding areas are expressed vividly in my works. My paintings encompass architectural landscapes with flowing canals, bridges and palaces, as well as, Northern Italian landscapes.

I love the use of bold colours in my paintings and is characteristic of my work. I am continually producing works and always evolving as an artist, Art is my passion, my escape and an expression of my freedom. I hope, always, to inspire others that view my work

Last Updated on: 2023-05-28